Duometrix is two programs - a Windows Standalone and an Excel Add-in - that convert units for students, engineers, scientists and technicians. Duometrix covers 1250 units grouped in 14 subjects and 91 categories - version 2.1 adds 4 new subjects: Environment, Chemistry, HVAC and Oil and Gas. The fully-functional software is free to download and use for a 30-day demonstration period and permanently free for academic use.

Duometrix Download Duometrix v. 2.1
What's New in Version 2.1

Duometrix Standalone

Duometrix Standalone

Click a subject to display categories in the subject. Click a category to display units in the category. Click a unit abbreviation to convert the unit to all others. Click a number to enter a new number and display unit conversions.

Duometrix Excel Add-in

Excel Add-in Chemistry Units

Use Excel context menus to convert units for a single number, a numeric range or a range containing formulas. There are options for displaying the full name of a unit, and copying the unit abbreviation to the worksheet or to the clipboard.