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If your work requires some of the more specialized unit conversion categories, Excel integration, and the dependability of NIST-compliant conversions, then Duometrix may be the tool for you.

Duometrix is two programs - an Excel Add-in and a Windows Standalone - that convert units for engineers, scientists, technicians and students. Duometrix covers 1250 units grouped in 14 subjects and 91 categories - version 2.1 adds 4 new subjects: Environment, Chemistry, HVAC and Oil and Gas. The fully-functional software is free to download and use for a 30-day demonstration period.

Duometrix Download Duometrix v. 2.1
What's New in Version 2.1

Duometrix Excel Add-in

Excel Add-in Chemistry Units

Use Excel context menus to convert units for a single number, a numeric range or a range containing formulas. There are options for displaying the full name of a unit, and copying the unit abbreviation to the worksheet or to the clipboard.

Duometrix Standalone

Duometrix Standalone

For usage outside of Excel, the Duometrix standalone program has the same organization of units as the Excel add-in. You can copy unit conversions to the Windows clipboard, search for a unit, and there are options for number format and your favorite font.