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Using the Duometrix Excel Add-in Converter

To convert a single temperature - or a range of temperatures (shown in picture) - from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit:

i) Select the cell - or range of cells (shown in picture) - you want to convert: Duometrix Excel Add-in Converter Input Range

ii) Right-click within the selected cell or range.
The Unit Converter tool appears at the top of the pop-up menu.

Now follow:
Subject: "Thermodynamics";
Category: "Temperature";
From unit: "Degree Celsius";
To unit: "Degree Fahrenheit".

Duometrix Excel Add-in Converter Input Range
iii) You're done! The converted cell or range is displayed. Duometrix Excel Add-in Converter Output Range

Using the Duometrix Standalone Converter

Intuitive Interface
Click a subject to display categories in the subject. Click a category to display units in the category. Click a unit abbreviation to convert the unit to all others. Click a number to enter a new number and display unit conversions.
Duometrix Standalone Main Display

A Complete Program
You can copy unit conversions to the clipboard, and there are options for number display format and your favorite font.
Clipboard Display

Search Tool
Can't remember to what subject or category a unit belongs? Use the Unit Finder to solve that problem.
Unit Finder